The Benefits Of Stretching

The Benefits Of Stretching

Benefits+ of Stretching
by Sophie Conti - NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Hey guys :)
Today I wanted to briefly talk to you about stretching! There’s nothing worse than cramping, or even suffering a injury that can set you back from your training. This is why stretching is so important, so let’s go over some of the biggest benys and how you can incorporate this into your everyday routine in the easiest-stress free way!

Being flexible can improve your performance in everyday activities and decrease your risk of injuries. So, obviously stretching isn’t going to make your muscles longer. Instead, simple exercises like reaching for your toes will train the nerves in your muscles to tolerate a greater degree of muscle extension without firing off your pain signals!

Increases circulation and decreases blood pressure.
You’ll improve circulation when you stretch by increasing blood flow to your muscles. Also, while stretching and keeping your arteries pliable and stopping them from getting stiff naturally maintaining/lowering your blood pressure. Stay healthy!

Posture, Joint Health, and Healthy Muscles.
If you have bad posture, or if you slouch while sitting in chairs (guilty, cause i do it too sometimes ) stretching may help you! Sometimes our muscles can get very tight from slouching, built up stress, and knots. We can release this tension when we stretch out or muscles, this flexibility will help maintain a healthy range of motion for our joints, and release some healthy toxins from our body!

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